Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Making sure you're really ready

So, every time #PitMad happens, I miss it. I only occasionally find out about it ahead of time (I did this last week) but invariably, I miss it.

Really, it's good that I missed it this last time. It's good that I've missed it every time. My novels aren't ready yet. Learn to Howl might be. However, I'm fairly confident that the query letter for it, at present, is shit. I also want to have the subsequent two novels of the trilogy at least outlined (the sequel is a book I'm going to be working on presently, I feel. Still not sure what Official Next Project™ is) The Last Song might be ready, and I don't feel the query letter is shit, actually. Which is kind of a surprise, actually, but a nice surprise.

In addition to the novels not quite being ready (I really need to hear Reader Opinions on The Last Song, and I do want to start querying it in the new year. February, if not January), I also don't have a 140 character pitch. If I have a hard time with a query letter, how am I going to whittle it down further? It's possible, obviously. Many people do it, many of them very well.

I don't know when the next one is, nor how one becomes part of that whisper-network with its fingertips dangling in the publishing currents via twitter. But maybe I'll be ready then.


  1. I read these posts and I'm so are such an inspiration. I need to get off my ass...If only I knew what to write. haha

    1. Thanks, it's really cool to hear that!

      Picking what to write is damn hard. Finishing what you start to write is also damn hard.