Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Continuing my Library Writing Workshop

So, starting in February, I'm going to be running a longer-term writing workshop at the library.

My intent (and you know how this goes) is to split workshop time periods between prompt writing (which everybody seems to have a lot of fun with) and critique. Writing the critique guideline has been fun and interesting.

I obviously don't know who my sign ups will be yet. I can assume a few "repeat customers", and I know that group is solid. I have no misgivings about doing critiques with them. The newer element, well, adding new people to a group can always be a little iffy for everybody at first. So I want there to be no confusion that the critiques are to HELP. Help the writing, help the writer.

We're all going to be adults, and face to face, so I don't want to be insulting by spelling out certain things like "no personal attacks" because it seems to go without saying. But I do want it to be clear that everybody is to be respectful. Helpful. I'm excited and have no misgivings; I feel like it's going to be a blast!

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