Saturday, February 21, 2015

Some flash fiction from my writing group

The library writing group is going pretty well so far (I'm posting from there, shhh don't tell).

We're having a lot of fun with writing prompts, as only a few people have brought stuff from home to critique so far. I've apparently taken to writing about a family with two mischievous kids in it, though that's not what I'm sharing with you just now.

This prompt was: Lost on vacation.

"The cruise will know it when we don't come back."

"I don't know why you're saying that, Gerald. Is it meant to be reassuring?" She didn't look at him, just stared straight ahead at the back of the driver's head.

"I just mean....well, we paid them, right? They won't leave without us." He tried to take her hand and she shrugged away from him, then leaned closer to deliver her admonishments in an angry half whisper.
"I have no idea. I'm not the one who booked the cruise with the stops in Cozumel and Montegos and wherever the fuck we are right now. You did. You book the cruise, you signed the contracts. They might have said they'd sell us to Columbian coke dealers and you agreed to it."
"Lauren. Why would you say that?" The guys in the front seat didn't seem to be paying any attention, except to grin at each other when she raised her voice. Anger surpassed language barriers.

"Well, what else am I supposed to believe? No, we couldn't possibly take the cruises's snorkeling trip. We had to go find somebody in the flea market and go off into the jungle with them. Where are they taking us? And why did we do this if you can't speak Spanish."

"I took Spanish in high school. I thought with immersion, it would come back to me."

"You took how much Spanish in high school?"

"Un poco." He smiled winningly, then grimaced as the Jeep hit another rut on the muddy road.

"Well guess what, Gerald, I didn't take Spanish in high school. I took Latin, which would be useful if we got lost time traveling. Not nearly so useful on a nameless island in the Caribbean. Where they speak French almost as much as they do Spanish."

"Then why did you come with me?"

"Oh, excuse me, a romantic WARM cruise? In the middle of a New York winter? Why would I turn that down."

"no, I mean why did you get in the Jeep with me, if you thought these people were going to sell us to Columbian coke dealers?"

"Because I love you. God help us both."

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