Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Two queries sent, ? to go!

I've mentioned it once before (at least once), but for me, waiting is the worst part of submissions.

See, I've sent out two queries so far for The Last Song. And am surprised at how nervous I am. I guess  I thought all those short story submissions (and rejections) would inure me. I wasn't entirely wrong. But not entirely right either.

I looked at today's #MSWL (manuscript wish list) on Twitter today, becuase I was like "yeah, an event thing! When I finally feel like I have a ready novel!" And wouldn't you know not a single agent said just the right thing to make me slap excitedly at my keyboard and go "ME ME PICK ME I HAVE IT RIGHT HERE." This doesn't mean I don't have a list of agents; of course I do. Just nobody #MSWL'ed today for me.

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