Monday, March 16, 2015

Finding those random story notes (illustrated with Supernatural gifs)

Sometimes I find notes I've written to myself, clearly while at work, on scraps of the sort of paper we have on hand at the library. These notes are less "hey, remember to do this" (though there are times I could certainly use that) but more of "this would make a good story" or "this would go well in that story you're working on."

Sometimes these notes make more sense than others when I find them later, because why on earth would I check and organize a thing like that daily? Madness, I say! Sometimes when I go back to them, I can't quite read at least one key word, because it's smudged or ripped or gotten something on it (ew).

Other times, it becomes clear, and I'm like "Oh hell yes, self, why didn't we start working on this sooner? It's great!"

And still other times, it's a great idea but I have no idea where I was going with it (I've got this problem with files on my computer as well, as I've discussed).

Then, once I finally get to writing it, I need to decide if it's a short story or something longer. I typically start short, actually; my novel writing bug, after the high school fantasy novel debacle, didn't really start until after college. Oh, I started a novel in college, but don't worry, that one probably isn't worth reading either. 

(and no, I haven't seen this season of Supernatural, so please no spoilers or we can't be friends.)


  1. One can never get enough of Dean Winchester...

    And you need to catch up!

    Im always amused when I read my notes. They rarely make sense to me.

    1. I really, really do need to catch up! Dean Winchester is my favorite, though Crowley is pretty awesome.

      I do that far too often, get involved with a show and then don't get to the further seasons. Sons of Anarchy, for example. I really want to watch it, haven't finished even the second season yet. Sigh.