Sunday, August 2, 2015

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 report

Well, camp is over again. I'll use it as the explanation for my absence.

We did a rather truncated workshop at the library. A lot of talking about Writer Things, a guest speaker at the end (who did very well, I thought, and hope we can have him again), some writing prompts intermixed.

I did not write to "the end", and validated my novel at 58,272 words. I'd left my goal at 50k, really wanted to actually finish the novel, which at this point feel like it needs to be 75k maybe. But what did I write?

Well, I mentioned waaaaayyyyyyy back in March that I was going to do a ground up rewrite of Esto Quod Es (which was my April 2014 project and though I already tagged a few posts with it, looks like I didn't talk about it much at all somehow. In two words, "girl Hamlet"), rolling my untitled Asbury Park project from November 2013 into it (in a few words, occult stuff, took place in Asbury Park 1979. I had to use all that Weird NJ inspiration somewhere, right? Urban legends are the best).

So that's what I did. That's what I've been doing. My main character is the main from the two novels mooshed together; the main characters' best friends from both MS became a composite in this one. Etc. etc. It's mostly new words, by and large new words, hung on a mostly Hamlet framework, layered with literary/classical references as I do, colored with the Jersey Shore as I know it. I messed with geography a little, putting a big fuckoff mansion/estate where there isn't one, but that's pretty much my main geographic sin (and much different from what I'd considered in this post).

I actually joined a cabin on the CampNaNoWriMo site this time, which I hadn't done before. It was full of folks from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab forum, so that was cool.  It was also cool that a couple of people round-robined doing "Topics of the Day". So I actually have something of an elevator pitch should I finish, polish, have a reader, and polish this novel some more the next time #Pitmad rolls around. I never thought I'd participate in one of those, because I'm so bad at being succinct. But, it's good to identify one's weaknesses and then work on them. So there's that.

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