Monday, April 3, 2017

March 2017 goals roundup

You know that saying, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb? I remember doing construction paper lion/lamb faces, curling the paper for the lamb's wooly curls. However, that saying has little relevance on the March I just had, which came in like a lion and went out in much the same way, leaving us all thankful we didn't get eaten. Granted, lions tend to only eat people if there's something wrong with them (the lions, not the people), which is ultimately what that Val Kilmer movie "The Ghost and the Darkness" is about, based on the book The Man-Eaters of Tsavo (free on Kindle, it's been in public domain for years and years), which is an interesting book indeed and more about hunting for fun than the lions themselves or the tribulations of finishing that particular brand of a railroad.

We had quite a lot of snow and cold in March, including one storm that put thirty inches or more of snow in my backyard, though I'm not sure of the official total volume. I just know what was in my backyard, because I know how tall Elka is at the shoulder and kept sending her out for pictures. Here she is towards the end of accumulation, in her R2D2 hoodie (so it's white and not great for snow pictures but whatever)

I got no story acceptances this month, or I would've told you by now. Probably. I did rant briefly on Twitter about the nature of rejections, or the way I go about handling rejections. 

I also did finish one short story this month, one that came out pretty close to done, so it's already been edited and is on its first submission (fingers eternally crossed). I also continued to work on The Wolf You Feed (aka Learn to Howl 2: Electric Boogaloo). All those previous drafts I was bemoaning have been condensed into one, and a couple of the later scenes I'd written are already implemented. As it's April now, which means it's Camp NaNoWriMo now, I'm trying to finish the draft this month. And maybe by the time I'm done with it, I'll know what Book 3 is supposed to be about. Right? Right?

I also have another short story in the works, because this is just what happens, I guess, so maybe this coming month will be another twofer, with the novel draft finishing out and a short story getting drafted .

And I almost forgot one of the more amusing things that happened on Twitter in March, which was when the advertising for James Patterson's The Black Book came out and he wrote the blurb for it himself, which is perhaps the MOST James Patterson thing to have done. And then many people wrote about it, including Curtis Sittenfeld, who I follow on Twitter, and just the way it came out made me think of the only Bieber song I knew (Love Yourself, which Postmodern jukebox covers splendidly), and so I tweeted the following to the most internet response I'd ever seen in my life
and the song in question, Postmodern Jukebox style

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