Tuesday, November 26, 2013

One Small Step....

Yesterday  morning, I was checking the results for agent Janet Reid's most recent flash contest (like you do). I'll save you the skip to the end, I did not win.


In the very first category, "Special recognition for Not Quite a story but man oh man" was me! (and another entrant)

Getting a mention, at all, is the best I've done in one of her contests. And I was very, very pleased and figured I'd share with you guys.

(it's untitled. I suck at titles and only title when I must)

There were enough alerts they became inured to the sound while applying their best quick fixes, sucking canned air and listening to Houston's directions.

They drew lots for who would be the heroic one, the one who would take his fragile flammable self outside the vessel to fix the breach. That was when they thought there was only one.

Eventually they silenced Houston, past caring what anybody on the ground had to communicate to the Heavens. It was easy to envision an uncaring God, with nothing to hold them to Earth.