Friday, September 12, 2014

To know or not to know

Well, I've withdrawn Learn to Howl from the Angry Robot Books open sub. Or at least I think I have; nobody answered me. I know they're undergoing restructuring, and they're a busy business. It is what it is.

Which brings me to the question: what next?

I need to finish The Wolf You Feed (that's book 2 of the trilogy, for those of you just tuning in). I know a lot of what the story is supposed to be, and how it's supposed to end, and all that. I just need to start the book where it needs to start (currently, it starts far too early) and get there. I also need to figure out book 3, because so far, I know how it ends and who dies. That's a much larger gap than I'm normally working with (or a much smaller one, I guess. Because I know things).

Right now, I'm waiting on a few short stories still out on submission. One of them actually has a link I can go to which tells me where I am in the queue. Clarkesworld subs do this as well, and I both love it and hate it. It's like tracking when you're waiting for a package. Is it there? Is it not there? Is somebody reading it? Do they hate it already? Interestingly, on Absolute Write, there's a thread about this particular numbered submission. Currently, I'm number 60 (and have been for several days); somebody on the thread got their rejection when they were still number 63.  Apparently science fiction magazines have a loose interpretation of what numbers mean. But being "stuck" at that good? Is it bad? It's probably neutral at best and worst; there's no way to know. Until I know. But whichever it is, it isn't personal.

I've also got a story which feels ready for submission, actually, and I'm totally gridlocked on a title. Sometimes, by the time I'm done with a story the title has come to me, but no, this one remained with its working title the entire way through. I gave it a different title, just to try it out, and it leaped out at me from my desktop in its wrongness. Joy. Ooh, I wonder if I should try a random story title generator? Perhaps one of my saved lists from a Wendig contest? Now there's a plan!


  1. Lack of communication bothers me, probably moreso than an outright rejection. Good luck with what you still have out on submission!

    1. Yes, I feel communication is very important. I'm not a big fan of the "no reply means no" which many in the industry employ. I know people are getting replies from Angry Robot, I just can't stand to wait anymore ^^