Sunday, March 5, 2017

February 2017: goals complete!

In February, I wrote not one but two! short stories .Both were the product of my writing workshop at the library, actually.

With the first one (as yet untitled. Tell me you're surprised, I dare you), the writing prompts I used just hung together well enough to keep the same narrative thread going. It kidna sorta takes place in the same real-world-but-witchy that "Sugar and Spice" (published in Sockdolager Summer 2016 issue, fantastic review of it by Charles Payseur here at Quick Sip Reviews. I am unused to being reviews, and it was very nice and insightful.) does.

Incidentally, I miss summer. Do you miss summer?

The second story came from a "write a complete story" prompt. I bought a spandy new Rider-Waite deck and passed it around, telling people to draw three cards and use them as their inspiration. Beginning, middle, end. Whatever. My story turned out as actual second world fantasy, which isn't something I end up with very often, and I feel like it only needs a couple of tweaks before it's ready to be submitted.