Stuff Read in 2022

 Short Stories

1. "Jonahs and the Whales" by Avra Margariti in xray 

2. "False Gills" by M. A. Blanchard in Uncharted

3. "Before We Drown" by Vanessa Fogg in The Future Fire

4. "Seen Small Through Glass" by Premee Mohamed in Fireside

5. "As Big As a Whale" by Ava Margariti in Underland Arcana

6. "Run Rabbit" by Rachel Raiola in Corvid Queen

7. "Coffee, Doughnuts, and Timeline Reverberations" by Cory Swanson in Diabolical Plots 

8. "Urgent, Necessary, Vital" by Brandon Taylor in Esquire

9. "Mosaic" by Allie Kiri Mendelsohn in Bourbon Penn

10. "Saturn Devouring His Crunchwrap Supreme" by Hannah  Gregory in Taco Bell Quarterly

11. "Blood Clots" by Brianna Di Monda in Taco Bell Quarterly 

12. "Tea and Bamboo" by Mary Soon Lee" in Daily Science Fiction

13. "From American-Alien Relations, 1900 to 1999" by J.Z. Kelley in Daily Science Fiction

14. "Mouth & Marsh, Silver & Song" by Sloan Leong in Fireside

15. "A Start to Judgement" by Benjamin C. Kinney in Kaleidotrope

16. "A Touch of Magic" by Annika Barranti Klein in Kaleidotrope

17. "All That Burns Unseen" by Premee Mohamed in Slate


1. The Foxhole Court, by Nora Sakavic

2. The Raven King, by Nora Sakavic

3. The King's Men, by Nora Sakavic

4. The Annual Migration of Clouds by Premee Mohamed


1. "Degenerate" by Avra Margariti in The Future Fire

2. "Return to the Cities" by Marie Vibbert in The Future Fire

3. "How I Fix Things" by Robert Bensen

4. "Daisies" by Louise Glück

5. "For a Coming Extinction" by W. S. Merwin

6. "Dad Gadol" by Jay Hulme in The Backwater Sermons 

7. "Saudade" by John Freeman

8. "Medusa" by Sylvia Plath

9. "The Cave" by Paul Tran

10. "Moonset" by Carl Sandburg

11. "Going" by Philip Larkin

12. "The Myth of Innocence" by Louise Glück

13. "Lot's Wife" by Wislawa Szymboska

14. "the type of monster you keep on a leash" by Vanessa Jae in Radon Journal

15. "Luck Spell No. 5" by Avra Margariti in Kaleidotrope

16. "In Spring, We Thanked the Wee Folk" by Beth Cato in Kaleidotrope

17. "What Fairy Godmothers Read" by Mary Soon Lee in Kaleidotrope

18. "Blood, Roses, Song" by Vanessa Fogg in Haven Speculative


1. "The Oldest aquarium fish in the world lives in San Francisco. She likes belly rubs" by in San Francisco Chronicle

2. "When My Ear Was a Vessel" by Jennifer Jeanne McArdle in Hecate Frankenzine

3. "Does this Amazon Rock Art Depict Extinct Ice Age Mammals" by Becky Ferreira in the New York Times

4. "What Polonium Does to the Body" by Elizabeth Landau in CNN

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