Stuff Read in 2017

Short Stories
1. "The Opera Singer" by Priya Sridhar, in Nightmare Magazine
2. "Most Die Young" by Camille Bordas in The New Yorker
3. "His Hair Was on Fire" by Ron Carlson in the Kenyon Review
4. "Monster Girls Don't Cry" by A. Merc Rustad in Uncanny
5. "Android Whores Can't Cry" by Natalia Theodoridou in Clarkesworld
6. "Mag, the Habitat and We" by Lia Swope Mitchell in Apex
7. "So Far the Distance" by Chloe N. Clark in The Bohemyth
8. "Carry Me Home, Sisters of St. Joseph" by Marie-Helene Bertino in Electric Literature
9. "One Thousand Paper Cranes" by Julie C. Day in Kaleidotrope
10. "Soliloquy in a Cheap Diner Off Route 66" by James Beamon in Apex
11. "The Imagined Lives of Chelsea and Beatrice" by Megan Neumann in Empyreome
12. "See Sky Sea Sky" by Chloe N. Clark in Syntax and Salt
13. "The Prairie Wife" by Curtis Sittenfeld in The New Yorker
14. "The Old Man and the Phoenix" by Alexandria Baisden in Apex 
15. "Run" by Brandon Taylor in Brooklyn v. 1
16. "Frites" by Brandon Taylor in Little Fiction
17. "We're Just People" by Brandon Taylor in Catapult 
18. "The Bells" by Lyndsie Manusos in Apex 
19. "How Bees Fly" by Simone Heller in Clarkesworld
20. "An Unstable Radiance" by Abby Burns in (b)OINK
21. "Minor Moves" by Brandon Taylor in Catapult
22. "Danger: Live Bear Trap" by Carolyn Watson in The Saturday Evening Post 
23. "Radio Werewolf" by Cassandra Khaw in Fireside
24. "And In Our Daughters, We Find a Voice" by Cassandra Khaw in The Dark
25. "The Unmailed Lettery" by Kseniya Melnick in Granta
26. "Trawling the Dark" by Sera Flynn in Syntax and Salt
27. "The Scavenger's Nursery" by Maria Dahvana Headley in Shimmer
28. "Story Time at the Rip Tide Inn" by Ron Gibson, Unbroken Journal
29. "Some Thoughts on the Reproductive Strategy of the Common Octopus" by Bogi TAKÁCS in Clarkesworld
30. "Extinctions" by Lina Rather in Shimmer 
31. "Love Pressed in Vinyl" by Devon Wong in Strange Horizons 
32. "Red Hood" by Eric Schaller in Nightmare
33. "The Cold, Lonely Waters" by Aimee Ogden in Shimmer 
34. "Balancing Act" by Christina Dalcher in Syntax and Salt 
35. "Cut, Cut, Cut" by Walter Mosley in Apex
36. "The Selkie Wives," by Kendra Fortmeyer in Apex
37. "A Long, Long Dog , Having Chased its Orbited Tail" by Nolan Liebert in Syntax and Salt
38. "The Adventurer's Wife" by Premee Mohamed in Nightmare
39. "Dark Warm Heart" by Rich Larson in  
40. "Wasps" by Kate Barss in Tin House
41. "Wool" by Brandon Taylor in Bull
42. "Flowers by the Road" by Jennifer Todhunter in Syntax and Salt 
43. "I Ate Three Eggs Every Single Morning For a Week - Here's What Happened" by @actioncookbook in Every Day Should Be Saturday 
44. "Say, She Toy" by Chesya Burke in Apex
45. "With Cardamom I'll Bind His Lips" by Beth Cato in Uncanny
46. "I Am Your Rabbit" by Bo Balder in Bracken
47. "Regarding Your Future With the Futures Planning Consortium" by Raq Winchester & Fran Wilde in Fireside

1. End of Watch, by Stephen King
2. Difficult Women, by Roxanne Gay
3. Eelgrass, by Tori Curtis
4. Silence Fallen, by Patricia Briggs


1. "Inhalations" by S. Qiouyi Lu, in Strange Horizons
2. "Jean-Luc, Future Ghost" by Nin Harris, in Uncanny
3. "In Support of Violence" by Christopher Soto, in Tin House
4. "The Unaccounted" by Philip Schaefer in The Kenyon Review
5. "Gorgon Girls" by Saira Ali in Strange Horizons
6. "The Galatea" by Amanda Pekar in Apex
7 "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" by Langston Hughes
8. "I'm going To be Late" by Paige Lewis in Gigantic Sequins
9. "Anatomy Lessons" by Nora Hickey in Electric Literature
10. "I Met Thirst in a Forest" by Nora Hickey in Electric Literature
11. "I Am Not Married" by Nora Hickey in Electric Literature
12. "Protestations Against the Idea of Anglicization" by Cassandra Khaw in Uncanny
13. "Darling Daughter" by Audrey Carroll in So to Speak
14. "Arcadia" by Lauren Kayes in Blunderbuss
15. "XXXIV" by Derek Walcott in Agni
16. "A Lover, Asleep" by Ada Hoffman in Liminality 
17. "Through the Long Greenhouse" by Stephanie Rose Adams in Guernica
18. "Columbus" by Lev Mirov on his blog
19. "Mors et Vita" by Richard Henry Stoddard on Poem Hunter
20. "Complaint" by William Carlos Williams 
21. "There Will Come Soft Rains" by Sara Teasedale
22. "Dreamers" by Siegfried Sassoon
23. "Sekhmet, the Lion-Headed Goddess of War", by Margaret Atwood
24. "Other Words For Wanting" by Chloe N. Clark in Glass 
25. "The Axolotl Inquest" by Lisa M. Bradley in Uncanny
26. "David Attenborough is a Guide for a Different Earth" by Tasha Coryell in Barrelhouse
27. "I Survived the Summer" by Jess Feldman  in The Fourth River
28. "Mawu" by Daschielle Louis in Rise Up Review
29. "The Day After We Saved the City" by Rose Victor in Strange Horizons
30. "Wolves" by Joseph Capehart (he's a slam poet and I found it on Imgur, youtube link included there)
31. "The Undue Acidity in Your Veins" by Chloe N. Clark in Split Lip
32. "Come Home, Our Sons" by Margaret Hasse in Rise Up Review
33. "Believe in Magic" by Dean Young in Poetry Foundation
34. "Alpine Border Patrol" by Naima Yael Woods in wildness 
35. "Part of Eve's Discussion" by Marie Howe in   
36. "Zyklon B" by Julie Enszer in Split This Rock 
37. "The Beautiful Animal" by Geoffrey Brock in The Poetry Foundation
38. "Girls Without Holograms" by Libby Cudmore in Barrelhouse
39. "What We Talk About When We Talk About Michael Westen" by Libby Cudmore in Barrelhouse


1. "I Dined With an Arms Dealer at the World's Wildest Dinner Party", by Lars Bjerregaard in Munchies (a Vice channel? Imprint?)
2. "Roxanne Gay on Writing Difficult Women and Her Outlook on 2017" by Julia Felsenthal in Vogue
3. "The Tragic Tale of Mt. Everest's Most Famous Dead Body" by Rachel Nuwer on
4. "Death in the Clouds: the Problem With Everest's 200+ Bodies" by Rachel Nuwer on
5. "A Vast New Tomb for the Most Dangerous Waste in the World" by Christian Borys  on 
6. "A Weekend With a Deep Web Drug Dealer" by Jake Hanrahan on Vice
7. "How Water Bears and Gardening on Mars Could save Us From Extinction" by Rachel Riederer on Vice
8. "Gravity" by Elizabeth Bachner in Longreads (Originally published in Hip Mamma, June 2015)
9. "The Mysterious Disappearance of Keith Davis" by Sarah Tory in Hakai Magazine
10. "I wore men's clothes for a month and it changed my life" by Lucy Rycroft-Smith in The F Word UK'
11. "Heat and ashes: the untold story of the Apollo 1 fire," by Kaleigh Rogers in Motherboard
12. "The Famous Photo of Chernobyl's Most Dangerous Radioactive Material Was a Selfie" by David Goldenberg in Atlas Obscura
13. "Chernobyl Today", by Marcel Theroux in Travel + Leisure
14. "A Prehistoric Killer, Buried in Muck" by Brent Crane in The New Yorker
15. "Welcome to Pleistocene Park" by Ross Andersen in The Atlantic 
16. "Inside the West Texas Sanctuary for Kids Who Killed Their Parents" by Emma Collins  in Vice
17. "In The Future, We'll All Wear Spidersilk" by Nicola Twilley in The New Yorker
18. "52 Clue: The Legend of the Loneliest Whale in the World" by Leslie Jamison in Slate
19. "Everything about Mars is the Worst" by Rebecca Boyle in FiveThirtyEight
20. "There's nothing good in cooking but there are no other options" by Sandra Zhao in Eater
21. "Shadow Cities" by André Aciman in The New York Review of Books
22." "The Glass Eye" by Jeannie Vanasco in The Believer
23. "The illegal, underground ballerinas of Iran" by Beulah Devaney in Vice  
24. "Women of Color in Wide Open Space" by Minda Honey in Longreads 
25. "Sometimes the 'Tough Teen' is Quietly Writing Stories" by Matt de la Peña in NPR 
26. "How Stevie Nicks and Elizabeth Bishop Helped Me Through Grief and Loss" by Brandon Taylor in Lithub 
27. "April 5, 2007" by Brandon Taylor in Past-Ten 
28. "Instead of Writing, I Watched Trains" by Owen Laukkanen  in Lithub 
29. "Ancient Cannibals Didn't Eat Just for the Calories, Study Suggests" by Nicholas St. Fleur in The New York Times
30. "Copyrighting Cartography With Ficitonal Places" by Bess Lovejoy in Atlas Obscura
31. "Confessions of a Slush Reader: Why should I Care?" by Ferrett in Shimmer
32. "The Woman Who Held Hitler's Teeth" by Bess Lovejoy in Broadly (a Vice channel)
33. "We Have Always Been Here, Motherfucker" by Monica Valentinelli in Uncanny
34. "The Blood of the Crab" by Caren Chester in Popular Mechanics
35. "Could Moon Miners Use Railguns to Launch Ore Into Space?" by Leonard David in Space .com
36. "A Father's Final Odyssey" by DAniel Mendelsohn in The New Yorker
37. "More Accurate World Map Wins Prestigious Award" by Michael Gardiner in all-that-is-interesting