Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 2016 Goals Roundup

Mosaics 2 has launched! Technically, today (May 1) is the Kindle release date (, but the Paperback became available on April 23.

Also, for right now (until Monday, May 2?) volume 1 of Mosaics is on Kindle sale for 99 cents ( ). All proceeds from both Mosaics and Mosaics 2 will go to the Pixel project to end violence against women. 

There's even a promo trailer!

There are already 5 reviews on Amazon, and one of them specifically mentions my story (and some others), "The Lion and the Dragonslayer", as a "be sure not to miss!" and says "all names worth keeping an eye out for the future!" I know there's some rule about not reading the reviews or whatever, but apparently I can't not. I will not REPLY to reviews; that's the golden rule.

and finally, here is the art for my particular story! That's right, each piece has art!

 There is a Facebook Launch Party today, but we have a bbq thing and then Dungeons and Dragons, so I will not be hosting, just  (I hope) occasionally popping in to comment.

In other writing news, April was a CampNaNoWriMo month, and I'm happy to say, my "completed story" for this month is a 25,000 word novella with dragons and the American West at some point after the Transcontinental Railroad. No, I don't have a title. Glad we got that covered. So for those keeping track at home, I've written 7 stories to "the end" so far this year. Granted, the novella doesn't have a GOOD ending. It just has a first draft ending. Bad guys vanquished, valuable things learned, etc. But it's a story

I've also gotten some great story starts in my writing workshop, and more than one of those is sure to come to fruition in the months to come. Even though I'm the one who picks the writing prompts, sometimes the writing just doesn't take off. Yesterday, for instance, I had one really good one (which really might be its own finished draft though no, I think it needs a few more pages) and the rest were kind of doodling around freewriting things that never quite coalesced. But it's good to stretch those writing muscles, and sometimes, it can really throw into light what your particular foibles are.

I've got 14 stories out on submission right now, which is really too many to be waiting on with bated breath. There's a few I'm particularly hopeful about, based on response time + reports on the Submission Grinder, but really, it's just Schrödinger's Submission (in a nutshell, both a rejection and  an acceptance, until you get that for-sure email in your inbox. But do go to the blog post, for an adorable Elka picture).


  1. Love that artwork! (But then again, I've been known to have a fondness for dragons. :D )

    1. I was really happy with the artwork! We had to tweak the colors (it drives me nuts when the story particulars aren't always reflected in the art), and the way it turned out was awesome.