Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Publication! "For Whatever We Lose" in Luna Station Quarterly

Hello friends and readers, my second publication for the year has come out! (if you missed it, my first one was a podcast reprint of "Sugar and Spice")

"For Whatever We Lose" is a scifi short story that you can read now in Luna Station Quarterly. They also have a print edition, which is very nice. There will be an interview about it on their blog later this month so I don't want to retread too much of that ground accidentally, but I do want to say that the title comes from the ee cummings poem "maggie and milly and molly and may" and I'm honestly not sure if I should recommend reading the poem before or after reading my story, but that one informs the other just a little bit. It's one of the few times I haven't had a hard time coming up with a title.

If you liked my story "Daddy's Girl", it's a little bit along those lines.

Also, in upcoming publication news, my short story "The Wave" will be in issue 04 of Wizards in Space Magazine. You can preorder a print copy of it here, and I think it's coming out on March 22. "The Wave" previously appeared on my Patreon, so I was very happy to find it a home with a wider audience here!


  1. Congratulations on the published stories! That's wonderful news! I think science fiction is interesting, though I've never been able to write it; I admire anyone who can.

    1. Thank you so much!

      It's funny, I'm the opposite. I really, really can't write "normal" stories. Anything that I try to write without a speculative element pretty much always gets rewritten so that those features are there, and they're always (in my opinion) the better for it.

  2. If your degree is in psycology,
    you're in luck. My Dad worked at
    Menningers as a neurosurgeon/
    psychiatrist, sorta the same thang.
    Not kidding. Why? God bless you.