Monday, June 17, 2013

You could Google that. Or maybe you shouldn't.

I was going to include a different picture but I was afraid to Google it.  Oh, the times I wish I'd had such foresight!

Let's see. There's the time I found out "Asian Cowgirl" was a sexual position (see, I just figured that because there were Asians in the Wild West, at least one of them had to have been a cowgirl as well. Didn't even think twice and then....a .gif. Yeah.)

Plus, as we know, Rule 34 means there's porn of it. Is rule 35 that there's an infographic of it? Because I found an infographic of global porn searches, linked by Popular Science no less (NSFW, natch). It isn't actually what I know to be an infographic, and is rather more interactive than that. But it's what they're calling it, and who am I to argue with PornMD? I'm kind of weirded out now and feel like I need to wash.

Then of course there's the "couch diagnosis" Googling; the pictures from things of that nature can be harrowing. And I've had conversations with people (I haven't done this myself) who have done things like see if the rash (or whatever) they have matches up with the Google Image Search.

On the other hand, there is the joy of discovery in random Google searches. There's the Wikipedia freefall, which I feel applies to web browsing in general, not just Wikipedia. Or Cracked, for that matter. It's the "web" for a reason, I suppose.

Plus there's this lovely number. I'm not even sure what I Googled in the first place to find it. But I take it out once in awhile to look at.


  1. Ah yes, the couch diagnosis. Before I found out I was gluten-intolerant, I was googling around to try and find out what might be causing my stomach pain. WebMD said it was either constipation or pancreatic cancer.

    That dinosaur is now my computer wallpaper, btw.

    1. Oh my, WebMD. That is quite the range, isn't it?

      I love that dinosaur, I'm happy to spread it around!

  2. The answer to everything on WebMD is cancer. :)

    I made the mistake of googling some such phrase that makes Asian Cowgirl look church-ready. Never again. All google searches will be for actual research and to settle bets on how old Kevin Spacey is.

    1. Cancer or Tuberculosis ;)

      Y'know, it never occurred to me to wonder how old Kevin Spacey is. Older than he once was, clearly. I'll still always love American Beauty, though I must say, I enjoyed House of Cards.