Friday, April 11, 2014

I really need a snappy title for my link posts

All right, another lazy link roundup (ooh, should I call it that? Lazy Link Roundup™? Has somebody already thought of that?)

I'm about 4k words behind on my CampNaNoWriMo project. Still doable, certainly. I haven't lowered my word count goal yet.

Found on Imgur, but also on this Buzzfeed post

First off, I'll give you a bit of William Carlos Williams. Everybody in their lives should at least once read This is Just to Say. Plus, here's some Red Wheelbarrow action on Janet Reid's blog. I don't like poetry much, but I do like William Carlos Williams. He's from New Jersey, he was a doctor, and he was Ezra Pound's buddy. Williams is a great source to read when thinking about the weight of words, and the importance of being clear and concise, yet still beautiful. Ezra Pound I just know is famous and an American expat (part of the Lost Generation, in fact, which is such an evocative phrase I feel I need to use it in a novel for something entirely different from its real world meaning); I could not, unfortunately, tell you what I thought his most famous work was. Not even hum a few bars.

Something I did not use in my novel The Last Song was the urban legend of Nain Rouge, the Red Dwarf of Detroit. While an interesting story, I didn't want to try and fit it in just because it was a Detroit thing. It felt disingenuous, just Google spangles to make something seem more Detroit-accurate as opposed to the story I wanted to tell. Editing of The Last Song is on hold 'til the end of April.

If you're crafty (which really, I'm not, but for a few select things) here is the pattern to make a corset from the pop tabs of cans.

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