Monday, December 22, 2014

What's inspiring me right now

So I kind of already had space scifi in mind for a future/next project.

Then I saw this .gif somewhere (I've sourced it from Daily Mail in this linkage). It's what astronauts see out the window on reentry.

I'm still working through Moondust, by Andrew Smith. I've got a growing-ever-firm idea of the timeline of my space culture. I'm not sure yet how I'm going to get around/cover the fact that real life space travel takes a long time and is both dangerous and kind of boring (theoretically); maybe I'll just embrace it, really.

This poem's been knocking around in my head too: Sea Fever, by John Masefield. Space ships and ship ships are entangled in my mind, of course, and I guess I might as well take advantage of that, right?

I have the first page or so of a new piece written, and perused the first pages I wrote of another attempt; I wonder if I'm actually going to be able to embark on my very own pulp space sci fi series, because what I'd written before seems like a lovely opening for Book 2. I hear tell people likes series when making book deals.

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