Friday, March 20, 2015

There is no party like a Goldberg party

Me: Have you heard of Resting Bitch Face? I pretty much definitely have that.
Newest Coworker: I haven't heard of that. I feel like I have resting Morose face, but I'm not a morose person.
Me: Well, on Tuesday, a friend accused me of having Resting Judgement Face.
Newest Coworker: Oh, I see it now. I think what you have is Judging Bitch Face

(oh, apparently it's actually "Bitchy Resting Face", not Resting Bitch Face. Fucking whatever.)

"Look honey, we came to the Barrens to choke a bitch." ~ From the Shadowrun game

Me: I had my first Irish Car Bomb on St. Patrick's Day!
Coworker: I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you. I thought you said car bomb?
Me: I....I did. It's a drink.

Coworker: Oh watch, now you get to see Jen go be mean, you haven't seen this yet.


  1. I have resting bitch face!!! (that's the term I know as well)

    1. I think it afflicts many of us, and for most of our lives, we didn't know it was a Thing