Saturday, December 31, 2011

You Say You Want a Resolution

Beginnings are hard. So are endings. Really, the easiest is in the middle, where we're still figuring everything out, and nothing is final.

I'm seeing a lot of end-of-year posts, and a lot of "looking to the future" posts. I've been doing quite a lot of "right now" sort of thinking and doing, perhaps learned from the Doberman. Dogs are good at that, living in the "right now" and also the "when will you feed me", though people are good at the latter as well.

So, where do we stand, right now?  All things considered, this blog is a baby blog. I've had a total of 302 visitors, which I think is pretty snazzy. Of course, the trick is getting them to come back, and follow. And read more.  And comment!

I ought to have some sort of posting schedule planned out, as when I allow myself to get sporadic, sometimes I'm very sporadic. It sometimes doesn't matter much in the blog world what you have to say, just when and how well. Sometimes in the blog world, it doesn't even really matter if you do have something to say, just as long as you say anything. So, in 2012, I'll try to say Something more often, or at least more regularly.

I will continue to talk about books, and writing, and inspiration, and random things that come to mind. I will continue to find delightful and confusing things that I find on the Internet because really, that's what the Internet is for. It's very meta in that way.

Sometimes, writing a blog is a little like picking up a book and opening it to the middle. You don't necessarily know how the whole thing started, but you're looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Happy New Year, folks, I'm looking forward to our future together.

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