Saturday, February 18, 2012

God gives you one face, but you paint another on top of it

I'm a different person online than I am in person.

Really, I'm kind of a different person when I talk about writing than I am when I talk about dogs.

I'm a different person when I sit down at a gaming table (and, depending on the day, the variance in the person I set out to be increases as well).

I'm a different person at work from when I'm at home.

I'm a different person with my family than with my friends.

I'm a different person alone at Wal-Mart than walking Elka (my Doberman) at the park.

All of these people are me. Any one of them are me.

So, who are all of these people?

Which one of these is the person the stories come from?

Or is it all of them?

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