Friday, October 10, 2014

October Madness update, 10/10

Well, I'm slowly starting to run out of stories. I think I only have 6 left which are "done" and/or "ready". Have to spit-shine the others, which at one time I thought were ready. Funny how opinions change.

Let's see, on October 8, I sent a story to Apex. October 8 is also the day I received my first rejection of the month, from Fantastic Stories of the Imagination. That story will go out again before the end of the month.

On October 9, I sent a story to Urban Fantasy Magazine, and then jumped the gun (went to bed before midnight) to send a story to Buzzy Mag.

We've got people visiting this weekend, so I've already sent Saturday's sub to Shock Totem.


  1. So impressed. I have a handful of what I call "hiccup" stories, where I had some sort of moment like "Hey, how 'bout this for story?" Then I write a few pages - and then I don't finish. I put them aside and move on back to the novel. I keep them all though. Just in case.

    1. "hiccup" stories is a good thing to call them! I've got a bunch like that too (some of which I'm trying to finish...).

      I fully get rid of almost nothing; even if I'm making big cuts from a file, I either put them in a different file, or have a fresh document I'm saving.