Thursday, April 12, 2018

PUBLICATION DAY! "Surveillance Fatigue", on Escape Pod

Publication day is finally here!

"Surveillance Fatigue" is Episode 623 on Escape Pod!  You can listen to it (which I am doing for the first time) or just read it if that's your preference.

Of related interest, Escape Pod is the first podcast to be nominated for a Hugo award! This publication will also be the sale which allows me to apply for an SFWA membership.

So please read, or listen, and share it far and wide! I do hope you enjoy. It's fairly timely, given the meme of "I hope the FBI agent assigned to my Facebook is well/thinks I'm funny/understands", etc. I did, however, write it 2016.


  1. Just listen to/read it, Jen. Great stuff!! :D :D So happy for you. Celebrate well. And I'll be looking for you in the Hugo nominations for 2018...

    1. Thank you Colin, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      I sure hope to be on lists next year, but that's in the hands of the readers ^^