Friday, June 1, 2018

Happy June! It's like summertime!

Hello Friends! Did you miss me?

I have some news for you.

On May 18, my fiancé and I became *DRUMROLL*  husband and wife

We got together wayyyyyy back in college, in 2001, and we were engaged and bought a house and a dog together, and now every once in awhile we look at each other (even today, on our two week anniversary and say "we're married" with big dumb smiles on our faces).

In other news, I've launched my long-awaited Patreon!  You can find it here where for the low low price of $1 a month you can get a new short story, never before published! In the future, there will be a serialized steampunk thing and other tiers and other free things (for instance, this month's story has author notes!) There are two short stories there so far. At the end of the year, the $3 tier will get a free ebook of all the Patreon stories that were published there and may or may not get bonus content! (it seems like a good thing to do, right?)

In other writing news, I spent April revising Learn to Howl. I feel very happy with how it turned out, but isn't that always how it is, when you finish writing and close the file? I'm awaiting eyes on that, and have started making not-quite-serious-yet gestures at editing Book 2, which I used to call The Wolf You Feed and am not anymore. I know you're very surprised that I'm unsure about a title, of all things. I never have problems with titles, ever.

<insert that .gif of Jennifer Lawrence nodding and winking like "yeah, okay, whatever".

In other, other writing news , opened (and closed) in May for novella submissions and I decided it was a great idea to revise my cyberpunk novella from third person, past tense to first person, present tense in time for the deadline! I did it (and a good friend beta read it for me and helped instrumentally. I feel like I normally draft pretty cleanly, but with the tense change and renaming all three main characters [why I did this to myself....] it was actually more of a mess than I'd like to admit and she saved me from that professional embarrassment). So now I'm waiting because that's what we do here!

I have 21 submissions pending, according to the ever-trusty Submission Grinder, without which I would be a far less organized story-submitter. It is an amazing free service which you can use to keep track of your submittable stories, what genre they are, how long their are, where you've already submitted them, where to submit them next, how much those people will pay you, etc. etc. I find it invaluable, it's a website I find myself on a lot through the day (you see, we authors self report our rejections and acceptances there, so that other authors can practice what we call "rejectomancy", which is trying to gauge when we will hear back from those markets regarding our work.)

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