Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Fiancé: I need to put a wifebeater on and start slapping Jen to keep her from talking back
Me: I don't know if that'll work.
Fiancé: What, putting the wifebeater on? I've done that before
Me:  Keeping me from talking back. We know it's impossible for me to keep my mouth shut. Well, that's not true. I have a low success rate for keeping my mouth shut.
Fiancé: I don't know. Slapping you might work.
Me: Or it might just be hot.
Fiancé: I don't know, if we're getting all Streetcar Named Desire--
Me: Will you be calling me Stella? Can my new name be Stella?
Fiancé: You're ruining this.



    although Elka might think you're saying EEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLKAAAAA

    1. Really, that just adds a layer of fun to the proceedings.

      I think I've mentioned to him using Stella as a dog name. Imagine the hilarity of recall! "STELLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" *dog comes running*