Tuesday, May 12, 2015

30 Days of D&D Day 12: Favorite Dungeon Type/Location

My favorite dungeon type or location?

This might be a little awkward. I'm not sure I have one?

Well, no, that's not true. The type of dungeon or location I like best is when the party is traipsing through the ruins of some long-forgotten castle or keep or what have you. An environment where people once lived and do so no longer. It's sad, but interesting, to find the remnants of their lives, see how they lived, the trappings of wealth or of the stations they held. It tends to be more interesting, to me, than going into a muddy cave or wander the forest, that kind of thing. Caves are neat if it turns out people were once there, a forest is cool if you then find ruins. But most of my characters don't want to just take a walk in the woods, or in knee deep mud or whatever. It would, I suppose, be different if I set out to play somebody who was a magical beast big game hunter, where nature and the magical nature thereof would be the goal.

But we played a very travel-based game a couple of summers ago (the game with Agatha and the Cockatrice and Snik. There were other characters and I feel like I'm giving people short shrift here. Our Elvish barbarian. The dwarf cleric, who really made the strategy and level headed decisions no matter that Agatha was nominally in charge, our human inquisitor Wren). We started in a dwarvish village, up North. Then Something Happened, as things will (we in the business call this the "inciting event") and we went Southward. Overland. By river for awhile. We went through many environs, ruins of the types I prefer, inhabited cities, podunk towns, some wilderness. And I think that's my second favorite, the goal oriented travel based tour de force which will take you across the world through parts known and unknown in the traditional fantasy epic adventure.

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