Wednesday, May 27, 2015

30 Days of D&D Day 27: A character you want to play in the future

Oh boy, there's any number of characters I want to play in the future. Infinity characters.

More tieflngs, of course. I mean, they're right there in the core book! Why not, right? And also more fighters, of course. As I said, I haven't made one in 5th yet (though I did draw the fighter in the quickstart, but we only did 1 session of that? 2?)

 I did mention on Day 20 that I'd love to play a Harpy sometime. Harpy paladin, maybe? They get a rad charisma bonus. Granted, I also haven't looked at harpies in the Monster Manual for 5th edition, they could've done something strange to the Harpy As a Creature.

A full on drow could be fun too, as Larkin was only a half drow. In fact, an entire underdark game could be pretty fucking cool, we've never had one of those (and they did just release the Svirfneblin [deep gnomes] as a playable race in a downloadable player's companion thing to Princes of the Apocalypse).

Beyond ideas like race or class, though, I don't have any fully formed character ideas in my head at the moment, nobody with pathos or hopes and dreams or wahtever. I kind of have amorphous character ideas in my head at any given time. Maybe a name I like, or an aspect I'd like to play up. 5th edition is interesting because you pick a bunch of character qualities, like background and profession and suchlike, and while I guess they're meant to bribe you into roleplaying or whatever, they're good shorthand for the structure of a well-rounded character.

There's also the ever-amusing website (which was created with 4th edition in mind, I guess, but whatever) called Who the Fuck is my D&D Character and I can just hit refresh on that for hours, giggling. Though...there's a point at which the algorithm makes the madness make sense as well (like "melodramatic gnome paladin from a family of knights who refuses to admit they're past their prime), and sooner or later I'm going to make a character based on one, I feel. Also, I might implement it in writing fantasy stories, to come up with "parties" which are going on an adventure. Or whatever.

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