Thursday, May 21, 2015

30 Days of D&D Day 21: Favorite Dragon Color/Type

It's funny that it took 'til day 21 to reach the "dragons" in "Dungeons and Dragons". Granted, they might not be something every party faces. But not a single dragon fight I've been involved with is ever easy, and I could think of 10 off the top of my head. There were almost certainly more. When a critter is as big as dragons tend to be it has a lot of attacks. When a critter can fly and the players (frequently) can't, that adds another dimension to the battlefield, and another advantage on their side.

I really like black dragons. I like their look, with their bull-like slung forward horns. I played a half dragon once that was half black dragon (the other time, it was half bronze dragon half dwarf and Jim modded my figure to put little black wings on the back and it was awesome. That was the character I played in the game with Berias). I feel like I've fought them pretty often in my D&D "career", actually. I like that they live in swamps, can breathe water, and den underground. Frequently they attack from the water as well, and they're kind of like cats, in that they sometimes seem to do things just spitefully, for the sake of it. They're canny and they're mean and they're neat. I like that their breath weapon is a line of acid. They're not the platonic ideal of dragon everybody thinks of when the topic comes up.

Conversely, I also like red dragons, because they are a more stereotypical dragon. They're the biggest of the chromatic dragons. They breathe fire. We fought two of them in the course of the Temple game, one horse-sized one pre and one much larger one during (and this is disregarding the dragon made of coins at the end of Gorgoldand's Gauntlet), and that's where Brigid's armor came from. I think there had been rumored speculation amongst the adversary that she was actually a half dragon, which was fairly amusing. But it's always neat to hear what the rumors about the characters and adventuring party are.

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