Friday, May 15, 2015

30 Days of D&D Day 15: Favorite Monster (Undead)

What is my favorite Undead Monster? Well, I do warn you, as a player and not a DM I'm going to perhaps have different insight on the monstery end of things.

Well. I was actually a little surprised to find I had one which came immediately to mind: the ghoul. They're humanoid undead which has a paralytic touch, a pretty bad stench, and a long terrifying tongue with which to lick the marrow from bones.

I've never played one, but we've toyed in some gameworld iterations with making them a playable race, and in 5th edition, undead in general are still intelligent, not just mindless killing machines. It's interesting to consider something which is ostensibly hungry all the time. If they can satiate their constant ravening hunger then can, in theory, be fairly reasonable.

I've fought them in games any number of times, and a fight with ghouls was one of the formative experiences Brigid had; she actually got bit in the face, and carried a little pale white half moon scar on her temple, near her eye, for the rest of her days. Even after a true resurrection when she failed that single fortitude save when "Destruction" was cast on her. Save or die. High level clerics are scary, kids.

A ghoul, or rather his still living (unliving?) head was also the driving core story to a Pathfinder game we played in a version of the steam world a few summers back. He was quite charismatic, actually, for a disembodied undead head. But my character was not the "get along with undead wishes" type.

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