Saturday, May 9, 2015

30 Days of D&D Day 9: Favorite Character You Haven't Played

I at first thought this was worded kind of oddly, "favorite character you haven't played", but I figured it out. We're frequently required to interpret the wording on things.

So let's see, I'm taking this as "characters other people played"...there's a handful who stand out as particularly awesome.

Jim has played many memorable characters. He's been my DM the most often, has been the group's main DM for years, which as a result has given him fantastic range. In the Sunless Citadel string of games our friend Colin ran in college, he played a dwarvish cleric whose name escapes me because I'm a bad person. He's the only member of the party (if I remember right) who didn't get petrified by the Medusa. He saved our asses more than once, and then we let him down when his brain got eaten by an illithid, and we got him raised as quickly as we could. He played Marchester, in the game where I played Penny Bright, and flung a short sword into the shield of an NPC I'll discuss on day 14. He played a 3.5 warlock of the "has hexes like a witch" type named Otl (Atl?) who looked somewhat like Jimmy Paige and who made a practice of hanging out under an underpass and throwing rocks at things. And there was the discussion of certain things getting smoked. Currently he's playing a 5th edition druid, Wahl. Wahl is a half elf who spends a lot of his time as a possum. He's done such thing as have discussions with a Winter Wolf we encountered, has turned into an elk in combat for the horn-charging purposes, and other magnificent druidic shenanigans.

There's Snik, who was, unreservedly, the best goblin. One of the players in a homebrew campaign in a homebrew world that absorbed one of our summers not too long ago, Snik was the platonic ideal of a goblin operating in an evil society. He was technically the....servant? Property? Of my character, a dwarf witch, Agatha, who had a cockatrice for a familiar but she didn't want to bother with the niceities of constantly monitoring a servant/slave and Snik was fully able to act under his own agency. This led to such events as the quotable exclamation "Esperanza at her! It's terrible!", the death of Agatha's familiar, Agatha's death (they got her back), and lots and lots of monsters getting knifed.

Then there's Coytl, a kobold sorcerer in the second Age of Worms game (when I played Larkin). He dressed himself in the silk tuxedo looted from the bad guy's tower. He prided himself on his draconic heritage, expanding upon that at every chance he got, and slept on the piles of coin the party accumulated. Coytl's player is also one half of a situation I'll discuss on Day 10.

Last but not least is Yorgi (Yurgi?), the orc barbarian of shining green buttocks. Gleaming?  He was strangely canny, politically, as an orc. He also ended up with more money, I think than the rest of the party. Not through stealing from us, I don't really know where it came from. He was very generous; he bought Kate one of her pistols, her only magical one. Yorgi's player is the other half of one of the situations I'll discuss on Day 10.

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