Friday, May 22, 2015

30 Days of D&D Day 22: Favorite Monster Overall

My favorite monster overall, hmm?  This monster thing might be getting a bit tiresome. As a player, I tend not to just page through and read the Monster Manual. I like being surprised, and a little bit scared. I like not knowing what the terrible beasties might do to us. It lends a sense of mortality, and danger, to the combat. These things aren't cakewalks, and one tends to want one's character to live through things, to achieve hopes and dreams.

But....favorite monster overall. There's a couple I'm fond of, that I didn't touch on in the previous posts.

I like harpies a lot. We've fought them a few times (mentioned in the "craziest thing that's happened" post), and also in a steam world game where I was playing a bard and the "countersong" ability actually came into play (the only time I've ever seen the countersong ability come into play, actually). If I ever had the chance, if a "monster" game were being run, I might  pick harpy as what I wanted to play. Harpy or gnoll, I guess, but I feel like the chance to play a harpy is far more rare.  They come from mythology, which I hands down always love. They have a magical song ability they can use to screw folks up. They can fly, which is always a fun tool to have at one's disposal.

The Tarrasque is a giant world-ending critter that I genuinely hope to never fight. Like, I'm sure it would be very rewarding to reach a level where Tarraque is on the table, but they're a big ball of "I don't want to deal with that". Hit points for miles, magical resistances, really really big, guaranteed to be deadly. My fiancé was in a game where they fought one (and even won, I think) but I think he's the only one I know personally who has.  I do, however, want to point out a super interesting thought experiment which somebody has thought up: The City of Salt in Wounds which is a multi-part thought experiment of Tarrasque based economy and culture.

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