Wednesday, May 6, 2015

30 Days of D&D Day 6: Favorite Deity

Favorite Deity? That's a tough one.

I actually tend not to play religious characters. Maybe it's a holdover from my Catholicism? I don't know. D&D is playing pretend, it isn't demonic blasphemy. I know that. You know that.

(you should know that)

I'm actually playing a cleric right now in a 5th edition game who follows the Red Knight, in the Forgotten Realms.  An interesting thing that happens in the Realms (maybe elsewhere?) is mortals can become gods, gods can be killed, etc. So the Red Knight, lawful good goddess of things like tactics and strategy, used to be a human and was a follower of...Tempus, I think?

There's the Lady of Pain, who objectively I think is neat, because she's the goddess "in charge" of Sigil, City of Doors. If you misbehave, she puts you in a maze. That maze is, to my understanding, magical and tailored to the individual. She controls the mazes, she controls Sigil, she controls the doors. And that's pretty rad. It also comes up in Planescape: Torment, as one might imagine. Did you go get and play it yet?

But, due again to our homebrew campaign nature, deities I'm fond of are not going to be familiar to people outside the games. And, because I didn't come up with them, I'm not exactly at liberty to discuss them on the Interweb at large. I respect their creators and the notion of "I made this" far too much.

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