Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo 2012: Maybe August Will be Better?

So, I failed June's Camp NaNo, as one might have guessed. I should've updated before now but, there it is.

The problem I had with NaNo this time around was that I already had a body of work I was writing on. So, to interrupt those projects, to do a NaNo, just wasn't happening. I tried, I did, but only got a little ways in and stopped. I didn't outline or really prepare in any way because 1. I'm typically a pantser and 2. I was writing a different novel, and short stories. So it got to a point where I was guilty if I worked on my original works in progress, and I was guilty if I got involved with the NaNo, so I said screw it and wrote part of my dog training book instead.

Will I try again in August? If the mood takes me, yeah. National Novel Writing Month, whatever the month, is a fun exercise and can really get things going. But, since things were already going, I just kind of messed with the mojo.

Hope everybody's having a happy summer! Keep writing, but it's okay to take breaks too!