Run With the Hunted

The Run With the Hunted series is my pet project of self published cyberpunk novellas, revolving around three women with different roles and personalities who work together to Do Crimes: Bristol, Bits, and Dolly.

Run With the Hunted

"In the fast-paced, tech-heavy future, diamonds are still a girl’s best friend. Bristol is more than happy to get dressed up and crash a private diamond sale that her hacker associate, Bits, has caught wind of on the deep web. The job is unbelievably simple and the getaway is a breeze; Dolly barely even gets to fire a shot during the holdup. But in the days that follow, things start to go wrong. Bristol’s dinner party is raided, their buyer backs out, and they find themselves on the run in a heavily surveilled city. Now that it’s become clear these diamonds are more than meets the eye, the trio has to find out who wants them enough to kill for it."


Run With the Hunted 2: Ctrl Alt Delete

"In the fast-paced, tech-heavy future, even hackers need to take a break. Bits isn’t working right now, and instead spends her days in VR, making necessary additions to the immersion’s neglected night sky. When Dolly shows up with a problem that needs solving, Bits can’t just boot her. Especially not when she finds out Bristol’s been arrested and they have a narrow window of opportunity to bust her out. There’s something wrong, more than jail, more than the effects of all that time in VR, but she can’t remember. She and Dolly have to hit the road first and figure out the details later, because if they lose track of Bristol now, they might never get a second chance."


Run With the Hunted 3: Standard Operating Procedure

In the fast-paced, tech-heavy future, the rich are richer, and even more careless. Dolly is practically legit, recovering abandoned sports cars from parking lots around Dubai, and selling them off after a little tech magic from Bits. When Bristol catches wind of an auction for the most expensive dog in the world, it’s an opportunity they don’t want to miss. What could be more fun than a dog heist? But things really go south when it’s about handoff time, and this super simple dog heist gets a little more deadly.


Run With the Hunted first omnibus: Books 1-3

In the fast-paced, tech-heavy future, a socialite, a soldier of fortune, and a hacker team up to take jobs that pay big and showcase their skills. But when the diamonds are more than they seem, the data breach goes wrong, and the dog heist gets complicated, the trio has to think on their feet to come out on top.

Run With the Hunted 4: VIP

In the fast paced, tech heavy future, even cowboys get the blues. Bristol is unwinding at a non-work party when she’s approached by a bullrider with trust issues; he’s had enough injuries that he can’t do the rodeo circuit anymore, and he’s got a deadline to get married and claim his family fortune if he wants a ready-made alternate career path. With Bits and Dolly posing as her bodyguards, Bristol is plunged into the social lives of the ostrich ranching elite. It’s rife with rivalries and there are parties for days, but when people from Bristol and the team’s past catch up to them, the race to the altar takes a left turn.

Run With the Hunted 5: Insert Coin to Play

In the fast paced, tech heavy future, all work and no play makes a dull team. Bits scores an invite for the game: a real-world, multi-day puzzle and travel challenge with big prizes for the winners. Dolly and Bristol join the road trip, solve puzzles, take in the scenery, and bicker about snacks. But when Bits does what she does best and takes a look behind the code, all is not what it seems, and now the trio is playing against a different and deadlier clock.

 Run With the Hunted 6: Burned Asset

 In the fast-paced, tech-heavy future, the team has stolen their greatest prize yet. With the Agency closing in, Dolly calls in help from old friends, some closer than others, and the team gets Will to Bristol’s hotel in Morocco. Once they arrive, Bristol switches to party mode, leaving Bits and Dolly to prepare their defenses without disturbing any of the guests. The hotel has a small security team, with little enough experience that it just makes Dolly more worried, not less. When disaster finally strikes, it’s almost a relief; she isn’t waiting and wondering anymore, she can simply react. But will her reaction be enough to save the team, and herself?
 Run With the Hunted second Omnibus: books 4-6

In the fast-paced, tech-heavy future, a socialite, a soldier of fortune, and a hacker team up to take jobs that pay big and showcase their skills. But when a fake engagement comes a little too close to home, the fun ARG draws unwanted attention, and an old adversary finally catches up to them, the trio has act fast or lose it all.

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