Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Preorders open! Run With the Hunted 4: VIP

 As October draws to a close, I know there's one thing on everybody's minds: the next installment of Run With the Hunted!

Run With the Hunted 4: VIP is available for ebook preorder now, on the platform of your choosing! The paperback will swiftly follow.

'Funny, twisty, and full of surprises, 'V.I.P' is a boot-scootin' good time as well as a cleverly unexpected addition to this series of heist books!' - Premee Mohamed

In the fast paced, tech heavy future, even cowboys get the blues. Bristol is unwinding at a non-work party when she's approached by a bullrider with trust issues; he's had enough injuries that he can't do the rodeo circuit anymore, and he's got a deadline to get married and claim his family fortune if he wants a ready-made alternate career path. With Bits and Dolly posing as her bodyguards, Bristol is plunged into the social lives of the ostrich ranching elite. It's rife with rivalries and there are parties for days, but when people from Bristol and the team's past catch up to them, the race to the altar takes a left turn.

My dear friend J.Z. Kelly has a blog post detailing the reasons why you should preorder RWTH: VIP