Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NaNoWriMo: 10 Days Left!

Well, friends, I'm at 42,000 words and feeling pretty good.

Of course, I could be writing now, instead of blogging or screwing around on the Internet. But we know how that goes.

My outline has truly contributed to my lovely word count, I feel. However, there are times I've....diverged from it. I refer back to said outline pretty frequently, but there are times I think of something better. Or that makes more sense. So at least two of my chapters weren't outlined because I'd veered in a slightly different direction from the initial plan. Is it a better one? Yeah, maybe. Nothing's set in stone when it's only a Word document on your computer.

There are times I feel like my "writing" folder is the Island of Misfit toys, where things once loved have gone, that nobody will recover. But, things don't need to stay that way, and once I've polished book 1 of this maybe trilogy (because duology is just so awkward to say), hopefully I'll be regaling you folks with the trials and tribulations of agent submissions.