Monday, December 14, 2015

Schrödinger's Submission

(Elka is not otherwise appearing this post, other than with the understanding she's pretty much always here with me. I just think she's very photogenic)

So, when I send things out on submission, be it a query letter for a novel or a short story to a magazine, I call it Schrödinger's Submission. The submission is both an acceptance and a rejection, until I actually hear back. It is clearly a generous re-envisioning of Schrödinger's Cat, but who doesn't like some nice physics paradoxes in everyday life?

I still have one full request I'm waiting on for The Last Song, and just today received a very nice personal rejection on a full. It's odd to be happy about a rejection, but you see, there's nothing mandatory about personal rejections, or saying nice things. There's nothing to gain from blowing smoke up a writers skirts, and indeed, sometimes it's best to use those forms to hold writers at arm's length. Writers can be a bit loco.

At current, I have 7 short stories out at various markets. I have very high hopes about one of them, due to the emails I've received pertaining to it, but I'm trying to keep my cool. It isn't a yes yet. It isn't a no yet. It's both. It's neither. Savvy?

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's December and we have no snow

Despite my comments to the contrary, I ended up doing NaNoWriMo.

I started my novel on November 18, and in fact made the 50,000 mark. On the 30th, in fact, writing 8600 words that day.

It's a draft I'm so far happy with. Space science fiction,  near-ish future. Per my usual NaNoWriMo habits, it's currently "trunked", pending finishing at a later date. It doesn't have a title. It has a lot of plot kinks to work out. But the bones are there, and that's pretty cool.