Saturday, October 24, 2020

Now Available! "Know They Will Die, Under the Salt of It" in The Future Fire

 My science fiction short story "Know They Will Die, Under the Salt of It" is now available to read in The Future Fire!

I wrote this story in 2018, after I happened across an article in Outside about freediving. So then I read three more. I didn't really know what I was going to do with it yet, but that's just part of my process; I just put as much into my brain as I care to, and stories come out, some sooner, some later. 

The title come from the Carl Sandburg poem "Young Sea" and it is a title that I'm happy with. I feel like it both catches the freediver spirit, and the reality of those who live by the ocean and work closely with it,  and also the reality of what is happening in the story itself. 

This is one of two stories that I've written about not-really-successful space colonies; the other is "Black Market Cheerios," and appeared earlier this year in Lamplight Volume 8, Issue 2. They are not related stories in any further sense; they don't share characters or anything. But they are both stories that I am very pleased with, and I am happy that they have found homes!