Learn to Howl trilogy

 book 1: 

Learn to Howl 

When a football player follows her home from an illicit party, preacher's daughter Allie unmasks a secret her mama has been trying to pray away for almost seventeen years. The women in their family are werewolves. All except for Allie's mama.

To protect her normal life, Allie's mama dumps her off in the wilderness with three aunts she's never heard of, let alone met. But Allie hardly has a chance to find her bearings among these strangers who are family before somebody kidnaps them and burns down their ancestral home.

Allie has one high-speed road trip with her wolfier-than-thou cousin, Morgan, to learn how to make her way in a world she never knew existed.

Publication date: March 5, 2024
ebook and paperback

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 book 2:

Baying the Moon


Six months ago, Allie believed she was a normal human girl from a normal human family. Then one terrible night lead to a breathless road trip to rescue her real family. Her werewolf family.

After a begrudging information exchange with the Ward family, Allie's Aunt Rachel has decided it's safest to wait and see what the secret medical organization Allie rescued her from does next.

But Allie and her cousin Morgan aren't risking any more of their family. Along with some other young werewolves, they hit the road again to delve into Silvernail's goals and how they found the wolves in the first place.

Publication date: July 15, 2024

available in ebook and paperback 

paperback (bookshop dot org affiliate link)


book 3:

The Company of Wolves

Publication date: September  10, 2024

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