Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Coming soon! "Nothing Left But Mud" with Sword & Kettle press

Hello! I have news for you!

A few months ago (March?) I got a story rejection and took to twitter, saying something along the lines of "due to current events, I'm not sure this scifi story is even scifi anymore" and called it a maybe-apocalypse at the Jersey Shore, about horseshoe crabs and stuff. Because I am g r e a t at summarizing things in zippy and compelling ways.

Well, Kayla Allen who owns Sword & Kettle press asked me to send it to her. And then Kayla said "hey, we'd like to publish this, what do you think?" and I said "Yes, please and thank you!"  (further summarizing, of course.

So now, Friday July 31, 2020 is when my short story "Nothing Left But Mud" will become digitally available through Sword & Kettle press, with a physical little book version of it coming sometime after!

Art is by Anna-Rose Schenerman and LOOK AT IT


The title comes from the Rudyard Kipling story "The Crab Who Played With the Sea" (and that crab is not a horseshoe crab, but it was still...thematic, y'know?) and the story is about a pandemic, and being home with your parents at the Jersey Shore, and trying to survive, and trying to maintain hope. I wrote a hopeful store for once, gentle readers! I am very excited for it, and I do hope you read it and enjoy!

 It is now for sale digitally on the Sword & Kettle Etsy store!, and I'll update when the physical copy is available.