Sunday, November 30, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014: done!

Please excuse my absence. The news is NaNoWriMo has been completed, though the novel has not. I'm still thinking about it, which is unusual. So far as my NaNoWriMo track record goes, I wrote the first two to "The End" during the span of November, didn't finish the third, failed the fourth, and since then haven't finished a novel during the time. In at least one notable instance (Zombie Safari) I came to loathe the novel and was bored out of my skull; I took what was a short story, tried to make it into a novel, and made it a mess with my steampunk. So, best forgotten largely, though I could/should probably finish the short.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

Is that a comet I hear?

This is what Comet 67P/Churyumov/Gerasmenko sounds like, if it's tinkered with a bit so the sound is in a range humans can hear:

Pretty cool, I thought. It's easy, on the Internet, to click through things super fast without taking a moment to consider what you're doing. I mean, stop and listen to that. Listen to the whole thing.

This is a rock flying through space, which no human has set foot on. Remotely, we've put a spacecraft near it, and from that spacecraft landed another craft on it to study it. The guy at The Oatmeal illustrated an amusing comparison in some peoples' abilities with regards to this.

But wait, there's more. Some of these were recorded by a space probe in 2001. Again, the pulses or whatever are not in an audible range for the human ear, and so they had to be tinkered with.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Some submission updates

NaNoWriMo or not, I guess it's best to at least give you updates on my October Madness submissions.

I got a personal rejection on Saturday

Additionally, I got three rejections on Monday, two form one personalized. The personalized one kind of stung, because it was on a story which had been held for further consideration. The other two....well, I say they're form, because that's my rule of thumb. If I'm confused at all, it must be form. Some forms just seem nicer and less "canned" than others.

Truth be told, though rejection sucks, I'm glad I know now. One of those form rejections was from a story I submitted long before October Madness, back in August! Of course, lots of magazines take even longer than that. The slush pile (though mostly electronic by now, and not actually a literal toppling pile of mail) can be very deep indeed in other well-known magazines I'm waiting to hear from, like Tin House, or Agni, or Asimov's Science Fiction.

I do have one more story I've been notified has been held for further consideration, so fingers still crossed on that one. The others, I'm trying to be more relaxed about. I'll hear when I hear...though obviously I hope for it to be sooner rather than later!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NaNoWriMo Playlist

I've mentioned before, I do so enjoy listening to music while I write. Sometimes it's one song, over and over, if the fancy strikes me. Sometimes it's the writing playlist I came up with back in 2007, for that very first NaNoWriMo. And other times, I make up a new playlist for a new piece (and The Last Song's playlist didn't really stay what I laid out in that post. But elements are there).

This November, I've made gestures at doing a new playlist for the novel, tentatively titled The Twelve Apostles. It's an amalgam of things which interest me, bikers and exorcisms (the religious occult in general, really), and magic in otherwise gritting real life settings. The soundtrack for Sons of Anarchy has made its contributions, to be sure (I haven't finished watching it yet, don't say ANYTHING about anything but the first season, if you must comment on SoA).

Monday, November 3, 2014

Just some Exorcism information

Evidently, in 1999, the Vatican revised both the rules of and the Rite of Exorcism. The original rite, "The Roman Ritual" (or the foundation thereof) was written in 1614. The Pope frequently talks about the Devil as a real entity on Earth to test people and their faith. There are priests trained and appointed to perform exorcisms (it's not as easy as the movies make it look, of course, both to get an exorcism and to actually cast out whatever the force is). do we reconcile information like this in contrast with what I recounted about the Pope recently, and with Vatican II rulings and the Pope's recent assertation that "God is not a magician", and Science and Religion are not mutually exclusive.

I...dunno. I guess I feel like there's room in the world for both the scientific and the fantastic. I can tell you the next course on Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation is being held in Rome in April of 2015 at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum and is, by accounts I find, open to those who can attend. I can only assume it's in Italian, the (as yet undetermined) price of admission does not include lodgings, and you need to get yourself to Rome. It seems like it would be fascinating to attend; five days to cram your brain with these topics, in a sanctioned manner? Yes please.

It's hard to reconcile demonic possession with mental illness as well. There are very sad and angering stories of people with schizophrenia, or developmental disabilities, being injured and even dying during an exorcism, which is perhaps one reason it's so hard to get the Catholic Church to do one; they want to be certain without a doubt something like demonic possession is the case, and not brain chemistry. It's a terrible mistake to make, and causing more pain and suffering is never the intent (should never be the intent). I'm not sure how one ever reaches that certainty but, God willing, it will never be my job. I just like to read about it and, sometimes, write about it.

(why yes, my current novel in progress opens with an exorcism; how could you tell?)