Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Awards Eligibility 2022, Jennifer R. Donohue

I have had seven original short stories published in 2022 

"Every Quivering Fold of Flesh" was published by The Future Fire

"One to Sit in Judgement" was published by Air and Nothingness Press in The Spirit Machine

"Boys of Summer" was published by Corvid Queen

"Mistempered Weapons" was published by Kaleidotrope 

"A Country of Eternal Light" was published by Apex Magazine

"On What Wings" was published by Fusion Fragment

"Into the Dark" is in Issue 86 of Fantasy Magazine

Additionally, my novella The Drowned Heir is eligible in that category, and is available on most digital platforms, and wherever you buy your hardcover books. 

Friday, November 11, 2022

Available Now! Run With the Hunted 5: Insert Coin to Play

 The latest installation of Run With the Hunted came out on October 31, and thus Run With the Hunted 5: Insert Coin to Play is now available to purchase in paperback and ebook!

In the fast-paced, tech heavy future, all work and no play makes a dull team. Bits scores an invite for the game: a real-world, multi-day puzzle and travel challenge with big prizes for the winners. Dolly and Bristol join the road trip, solve puzzles, take in the scenery, and bicker about snacks. But when Bits does what she does best and takes a look behind the code, all is not what it seems, and now the trio is playing against a different and deadlier clock.