Monday, April 22, 2019

Publication!: The Wave, reprinted in Wizards in Space

I mentioned last month that my short story "The Wave" would appear in Wizards in Space magazine, and it has!  You can purchase issue 04 on their website, and it is a wonderfully produced little physical volume. Look at that cover! I'm very happy with it, and that they sent me a contributor's copy. There's something extra special when your words appear in print, as opposed to more words on the screen. Though, there's always something special about people loving your words enough to buy them, be that print or screen or whispering them into a conch shell that they hope a stranger passing by will pick up and put to their ear (note: this is probably not a viable lit mag model).

Here is my hard-won author dog photo of the issue with Ulrike. She wanted very much to nibble on the corners of this thing that I was propping against her.

If you both want the physical copy but also want to read it NOW, "The Wave" does appear on my Patreon, where currently a dollar a month gets you at least one new short story per month.

Also, if you would like more news and pictures like this, but in your inbox instead of via blogspot, you can now sign up for my TinyLetter! Probably also much more effective than a conch shell, and how often do you walk past a conch shell anyway? Hardly ever, I'd bet.