Stuff Read in 2023

 Short Stories

1. "A Rectifiable Arc" by Shelly Jones in Kaleidotrope

2. "Side Effects May Vary" by Avra Margariti in The Future Fire

3. "The Thing About Clouds," by Elad Haber in Microfiction Monday Magazine

4. "His New Boy" by Simon Kewin in The Future Fire

5. "In the Moon We Have Everything" by Avra Margariti in JMWW

6. "The Wreck of the Medusa" by Jordan Kurella in Apex

7. "My Book Report on Starlight" by Joachim Heijndermans in Metaphorosis

8. "Charon's Purse," by Libby Cudmore, in Smokelong Quarterly

9. "Accidental Girls," by Chloe N. Clark in Electric Literature 

10. "From the Journal of Sawyer L. Gibbs, Hero, Aged 13 1/2" by Premee Mohamed in Small Wonders

11. "You Are My Endling" by Julie Reeser in Little Blue Marble

12. "Being the Murdered Woman" by Cathy Ulrich in Reed Magazine

13. "The Algae is Always Golder on This Side" by Jennifer Jeanne McArdle in Interzone Digital

14. "Buoyant" by Avra Margariti in Lost Balloon 

15. "Misericorde" by Mari Ness in Kaleidotrope 

16. "The Rituals of Bathing" by Libby Cudmore in The Dark

17. "Lucky Girl" by Erin Satifka in The Dark

18. "First Time at Waffle House, as a Hurricane Approaches" by Abigail E. Myers in Milk Candy Review

19. "Sitting Shiva," by Zachary Rosenberg in The Deadlands

20. "Imagine Yourself Happy," by Premee Mohamed in Small Wonders

21. "All the Things I Could’ve Done That Wouldn’t Have Been So Devastating" by Phoebe Barton in Baffling

22. "Pulmonary" by Avra Margariti in The Rumpus

23. "The City in the Forest" by Premee Mohamed in Robotic Ambitions

24. "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" by Izzy Wasserstein in Robotic Ambitions

25. "A Thread of Silk" by Renan Bernardo in Robotic Ambitions


1. The Butcher of the Forest, by Premee Mohamed


1. "The Later Life of Herr Samsa's Picture" by Elizabeth R. McClellan in The Future Fire

2. "Going Under" by Ujjvala Bagal Rahn in The Future Fire

3. "The Rabbit" by Mary Oliver

4. "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus" by William Carlos Williams 

5. "The Swan" by Mary Oliver 

6. "The Chance to Love Everything" by Mary Oliver 

7. "Egrets" by Mary Oliver 

8. "out, out—" by Robert Frost 

9. "anything so Utterly Destroyed" by Elizabeth R. McClellan in Apex

10. "How To Watch Your Brother Die" by Michael Lassell

11. "Elegy for the Asteroid Miner" by Goran Lowie in Radon Journal

12. "A Matter of Collective Survival" by Elizabeth McClellan in Kaleidotrope

13. "Held at the Roots" by Jennifer Crow in Kaleidotrope

14. "Five of Cups Considers Forgiveness" by Ali Trotta in The Deadlands

Non fiction

1. 'They Still Take Pictures With Them As If The Person's Never Passed' by Cecilia Lei and Tyrone Turner in NPR

2. "Extreme 'rogue wave' in the North Pacific confirmed as most extreme on record," by Carly Cassella in Science Alert

3. "Monster Rogue Waves" by Greg Bjerg in Damn Interesting

4. "Toxic Relationships and Greek Mythology" by J.Z. Weston in Interstellar Flight Press 

5. "How boygenius Became the World's Most Exciting Supergroup" by Angie Maroccio in Rolling Stone 

6. "Wi-Fi Routers Used to Detect Human Locations, Poses Within a Room" by Mark Tyson in tom's Hardware

7. "The Zankou Chicken Murders" by Mark Arax in LA Mag

8. "The Cave Tried to Keep Us" by Matthew Stock in WBUR

9. "Dance Looking at the Sun" by Robert Bensen in Fusion

10. "Scientists are preparing to create a traversable quantum wormhole" by Becky Ferreira in Motherboard

11. "The Untold Story of the White House’s Weirdly Hip Record Collection" by Rob Brunner in The Washingtonian 

12. "How Dead Whales Seem to Connect Deep-Sea Life" by Fanni Szakal in Hakai Magazine

13. "The Rise of 'gas station heroin" by Manisha Krishnan in Vice

14 "Scientists Solve Mystery of Yellow Egyptian Desert Glass" in GeologyIn

15. "The California City That Sends a Drone Almost Every Time Police Are Dispatched on a 911 Call," by Faine Greenwood in Slate 

16. "The H Word: My Journey into Jewish Horror" by Zachary Rosenberg in Nightmare 

17. "Barbie Has Always Been About Storytelling" by E. Catherine Tobler in Tor . com

18 "Cherish This Ecstasy" by David James Duncan in The Sun

19. "How to Become a Creature" by Premee Mohamed in Apparition Lit 

20. "Good News, They Let Dumb Sluts into Mensa Now" by Jamie Loftus in Paste

21. "Wormlike animals are first amphibians shown to pass microbes to their offspring" by Jiayu Liang in Florida Museum