Saturday, January 21, 2023

Preorder my DEBUT NOVEL Exit Ghost

 That's right, you heard it here first (if you didn't see it on Twitter, or Instagram, or hear it from me in person), I'm releasing my debut novel, Exit Ghost, on March 7, 2023!

I queried this novel for 2 years, starting right before the pandemic really kicked up stateside. Not the best timing on my part, with what otherwise would've been great timing; witchy books are/have been in, and this is a witchy book!

So what is it about?  Here's the cover copy:

After her father is murdered and an attempt is made on her life, New Jersey heiress and witch Juliet Duncan is supposed to be concentrating on getting better and moving forward. Instead, Jules summons her father's ghost using her blood and tears and his old rotary phone to answer the question: who did it? He reveals it was Hector, her dad’s best friend and her mom’s new fiancé.

Certain her life is still in danger, Jules flees the family estate to the Asbury Park apartment she shares with her best friend and fellow witch, Ashes. When another friend joins them, all three women get caught up with a secret boyfriend who’s also big into magic, but in all the wrong ways, all while Jules wrestles with whether her father’s ghost was telling the truth. But what Jules does know is that power has its cost, and she is more than willing to pay the price in order to get her revenge.

Where can you get it? Pretty much everywhere! I'm doing the ebook in my typical way, with distribution far and wide, and the hardcover is through IngramSpark, which means that bookstores and libraries who order through Ingram can just order it with no special considerations necessary. Indeed, I would be thrilled if you'd request your local library order it. A handy link where you can choose whatever digital store you please (and some physical stores) is here:

It is already listed on both Goodreads and Storygraph, and if you do read it, I encourage (beg) you to rate and/or review it there and on Amazon!

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