How to Contact Me/Where to find my writing

If you like what you read here (or followed my link from another blog) and want to say hi, have questions or want to solicit a story for an anthology, whatever, you can email me at Jennifer.rDonohue AT gmail DOT com

I can also follow me on Twitter: @AuthorizedMusin  (not enough characters for the full blog name, and I was focusing on my "branding", you see).

My Patreon features one new short story a month.

You can see my Goodreads Author Profile here.

If you'd like to receive a tinyletter when I have a new story come out, you can sign up for that here: Jennifer R. Donohue's tinyletter


My story "Adventuring" was first published by Daily Science Fiction, and was then narrated on the Far-Fetched Fables podcast.


My story "The Lion and the Dragonslayer" is in Mosaics 2: a Collection of Independent women (Kindle link here, link to paperback here).

"Sugar and Spice" was published in the Summer 2016 issue of The Sockdolager (now closed[or maybe just "on hiatus??]) "Sugar and Spice" can also be found on Issue 99 of the Overcast (also now closed) if you want to give it a listen.

"Daddy's Girl" appears in the June 2017 issue of Syntax & Salt

"Aground, Upon the Sand" is the 1st place winner of Syntax & Salt's 2017 Fall Flash Fiction contest.


"A Thing with Feathers" was published on January 1, 2018 in Mythic Delirium.

"Surveillance Fatigue" is available to read or listen to on Escape Pod

"Bread and Milk" is available in Under the Full Moon's Light anthology 

 "The Glint of Light on Broken Glass" is in Truancy 5

My Cyberpunk Novella "Run With the Hunted" is now available on Amazon for Kindle and paperback, and from a number of other digital platforms if Kindle isn't your deal.

"Sugar and Spice" was reprinted in the podcast The Overcast

"For Whatever We Lose" is in Luna Station Quarterly

"The Wave" is reprinted in Wizards in Space

"Daddy's Girl" is reprinted in the podcast StarShipSofa

"The Pearls That Were His Eyes" is in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine

"One Hundred Years" is available in Grimm, Grit, and Gasoline

"Fundamentals of Search and Rescue" is available in Dreamforge Magazine, issue 3

my Cyberpunk novella Run With the Hunted 2: Ctrl Alt Delete is available in paperback on Amazon (and Ingram, if you're a librarian or bookseller!) and on most digital platforms


"For Thine is the Kingdom" is in Truancy, issue 7

"Black Market Cheerios" is in Lamplight Volume 8 issue 2 

"For Whatever We Lose" was reprinted to read or listen in Escape Pod episode 731

"Nothing Left But Mud" is available with Sword & Kettle Press 

"Defend Us in Battle" is now available in Rhonda Parrish's Hear Me Roar anthology

"Know They Will Die, Under the Salt of It" is now available in The Future Fire

"The Notebook" has been reprinted in Daikaijuzine

my cyberpunk novella Run With the Hunted 3: Standard Operating Procedure is available in paperback on Amazon (and Ingram, if you're a librarian or bookseller!) and on most digital platforms.


"Sailing to Byzantium" is in Fusion Fragment 4
"How Do You Grow?" appears in Hexagon issue 4 
"All This Darkness" is in Issue 123 of Apex Magazine

"The Mountain's Wife" is in The Future Fire

"I Am Tasting the Stars" is in issue 5 of Translunar Traveler's Lounge

"Daddy's Girl" was reprinted in Spawn of War and Deathiness

"Fundamentals of Search and Rescue" was reprinted in Titanic Terastructures

"Black Market Cheerios" was reprinted in Daikaijuzine

My cyberpunk novella Run With the Hunted 4: VIP is available in paperback on Amazon (and Ingram, if you're a librarian or bookseller!) and on most digital platforms!


"Every Quivering Fold of Flesh" in The Future Fire

"Puedado saborear las estrellas"  in Las Escritoras de Urras  (Spanish translation of "I am Tasting the Stars")

"One to Sit in Judgement" in The Spirit Machine
"One Hundred Years" was reprinted in the War Torn anthology

"Boys of Summer" in Corvid Queen

"Mistempered Weapons" in Kaleidotrope

"A Country of Eternal Light" in Apex

"On What Wings" in Fusion Fragment 13

"Into the Dark" in Fantasy Magazine issue 86

"Serpent's Tooth" in Daikaijuzine  (reprint from Patreon)

My secondary world fantasy novella The Drowned Heir is available in hardcover wherever books are sold, and on most digital platforms

My cyberpunk novella Run With the Hunted 5: Insert Coin to Play is available in paperback on Amazon (and Ingram, if you're a librarian or bookseller!) and on most digital platforms

"Purity" was reprinted in The Future Fire

My DEBUT NOVEL Exit Ghost is available in hardcover wherever books are sold and on most digital platforms.

"This is Not the Only Kingdom" appeared in Old Moon Quarterly, volume 4

"Between the Blood and the Sun" is my vampire weird west novella, available where ebooks are sold!
"The Oyster Widow"  in Saltwater Sorrows

My cyberpunk novella Run With the Hunted 6: Burned Asset is available in paperback on Amazon (and Ingram, if you're a librarian or bookseller!) and on most digital platforms

"Solar Sonata for Four Hands" in Robotic Ambitions
"The Ensanguined Shore" (novelette) in The Future Fire
"In the Pines" in issue 297 of Interzone  
 Learn to Howl is available now in ebook and paperback!  

"Auguries" in Gamut Magazine (issue 3)

"doorbell dot mov" in The Deadlands (issue 34)

My Patreon features one new short story a month.  Currently available:

"We Have Always Lived in the Tunnel"  (sci fi/horror)
"Be Careful What You Wish For"(in the same witchy fantasy world as "Sugar and Spice")
"The Wave" (scifi)
"The Notebook"  (end of the world scifi)
"Coney Island" (literary, based loosely on family history)
"Query"  (scifi)
"The Black Roses in the Caves of Night" (fantasy, sequel to "The Lion and the Dragonslayer"
"Opportunity" (not speculative, just kind of dark)
"I Don't Want to Live on Mars" (scifi)

"Little VR Library" (scifi)
"Just Smile" (horror)
"The Shadow of the Moon" (horror)
"Purity" (scifi/fantasy, Baen Fantasy Adventure Award 2017 finalist)
"Platinum Anniversary Cake" (non speculative, flash fiction)
"Philip the Plesiosaur"  (Cthulhu, flash fiction)
"My Roar Meant Slaughter" (fantasy)
"Licorice Whip Thunderbolt" (witches)
"Same Old Song" (scifi)
"Leave Only Footprints" (horror)
"In the Quiet Morning (fantasy)

"Beau" (non speculative flash fiction)
"Serpent's Tooth" (witches)
"Because Youth is Sweet" (fantasy/horror)
"The Song Remains the Same" (scifi)
"Personal Protection" (scifi, cyberpunk)
"Batter My Heart" (scifi, apocalyptic)
"Stirring Dull Roots" (horror, apocalyptic) 
"Inheritance" (witches)
"My Ancient Cold Grass Winter" (scifi)
"The Water Hole"  (scifi)
"A Very Merry Run With the Hunted" (cyberpunk, and free to read!)
"Arabella's Pearls" (fantasy)
"Run With the Hunted: Thin Ice" (cyberpunk)
"The Call of the Running Tide" (fantasy)
"I played hurdy gurdy in the tiktok sea shanty chain that summoned the elder gods" (horror)
"Run With the Hunted: Noonday Witch" (cyberpunk)
"Still to be Raised Up" (fantasy, horror)
"Just Because You Can" (fantasy, scifi)
"If the Seal is Broken"
"Worms on the Sidewalk"
"Run With the Hunted: Putting a Team Together" (cyberpunk)
"A Holiday Gift Guide in the Slow-Moving Apocalypse"
"Santa's Little Hunted" (cyberpunk, and free to read!)

"And the Moon Be Still As Bright"  (horror)
"Run With the Hunted: Big Rock Candy Mountain" (cyberpunk)
"Special Collections: camera, photographs, and effects recovered from missing Cave Club expedition to Cathedral Cavern" (horror)
"Run With the Hunted: No Trouble" (cyberpunk)
"Ecdysis" (horror)
"Special Collections: Ephemera of the Four Seasons" (fantasy)
"Lost in the Clouds" (fantasy)
"Other Duties as Required" (fantasy)
"Graveyard Shift" (scifi)
"Danse Macabre" (dark fantasy/horror)
"A Run With the Hunted Family Christmas" (cyberpunk, and free to read!)

"Unknown Station" (non RWTH cyberpunk)
"The Paintings" (fantasy)
"Run With the Hunted: Sweet Rewards" (Cyberpunk)
"The Tea Party" (fantasy)
"The Lion and the Dragonslayer" (fantasy, and free to read!) 
"Remember the Touch of Hands" (fantasy/scifi)
"Slow Dancing in the Dark" (scifi)
"Devil's Dungeon" (scifi, horror)
"Bread and Milk" (horror/fantasy, and free to read!)
"And the Ashes Blew Toward Us" (clifi, horror)
"fire beyond the language of the living"(witches)
"Run With the Hunted: away from the party" (cybeprunk, and free to read!)
"Checkmate" (scifi)
"the Price of Pies" (fantasy)