Stuff Read in 2019


1. "The Bone Lands" by Vanessa Fogg in Kaleidotrope
2. "Hand Me Downs" by Maria Haskins in GigaNotoSaurus
3. "When it Changed" by Joanna Russ
4. "Ten Things I Didn't Do" by Maria Haskins in Pseudopod
5. "Cold Heart" by Victoria Dixon in Nature: Futures
6. "The Mature Starlet's Guide to Making a Comeback" by Wendy Nikel in The Arcanist
7. "Comment Box" by Colin D. Smith in Empyreome
8. "When Sirens Sing of Roses and Delegated Power" by Nin Harris in Beneath Ceaseless Skies
9. "How Tolkein Saved the World" by Ahmed A. Khan in Daily Science Fiction
10. "They're Made Out of Meat" by Terry Bisson
11. "Fallow" by Erin K. Wagner in Syntax & Salt
12. "Mama Bruise" by Jonathan Carroll in
13. "Water Through Our Hands" by Russ Showalter in Strange Horizons
14. "The Bones and Their Girl" by Sylvia Heike in Syntax & Salt
15. "Mean Streak" by L'Erin Ongle in Metaphorisis
16. "Murderbunny's Magical Moonlight Ride" by Nin Harris in Toasted Cake
17. "The Kings of Norway" by Brandon Taylor in Catapult
18. "This is Pleasure" by Mary Gaitskill in The New Yorker
19. "Errand" by Patricia Q. Bidar in Barren Magazine
20. "Canst Thou Draw Out the Leviathan" by Christopher Caldwell in Uncanny
21. "Saguaro Cacti Hold Up Their Arms" by Sudha Balagopal in New Flash Fiction
22. "Dreams Strung Like Pearls Between War and Peace" by Nin Harris in Clarkesworld
23. "Signal" by L.D. Lewis in Fireside
24. "Colonized Bodies, Dessicated Souls" by Nin Harris in Diabolical Plots
25. "give me, i give thee" by C.A. Schaefer in Augur
26. "The Sea Half-Held by Night" by E. Catherine Tobler in The Dark
27. "Anne of Cleves" by Brandon Taylor in Guernica
28. "Touchstone" by Mette Ivie Harrison in GigaNotoSaurus
29. "What We Make of the Dead" by V. Medina in Truancy
30. "The Convenant" by Libby Cudmore in Tough
31. "From Her Mouth, the Ashes" by Jessica Jo Horowitz in Flash Fiction Online
32. "Black Flowers Blossom" by Vina Jie-Min Prasad in Uncanny

1. The Education of Will by Patricia McConnell
2. Nijigahara Holograph by Inio Asano

1. "The Superheros Girlfriend Dies" by Chloe N. Clark in Dirty Paws
2. "Wild Geese" by Mary Oliver
3. "Says the Forest to the Girl" by Sally Rosen Kindred in The Adroit Journal
4. "Let America Be America Again" by Langston Hughes
5. "So We'll Go No More A Roving" by Lord Byron
6. "Hold Close My Kidney in a Handbag or File Folder" by E. Kristin Anderson in Cotton Xenomorph
7. "After Making Love" by Stephen Dunn
8. "Token Loss" by Kay Ryan
9. "Honey and Venom" by Jennifer Crow in Wizards in Space
10. "Mouse Koan" by Catherynne Valente in Tor dot com

Non Fiction

1. "Earthquake Detecting Balloons could help reveal the inner structure of Venus" by Jake Parks in Astronomy
2. "Mexican Archaeologists Discover Pre-Hispanic Temple of the 'Flayed Lord'" by Richard Gonzales in NPR
3. "Meeting My Makre" by Caitlin Macy in The New York Times Magazine
4. "A controversial startup that charges $8,000 to fill your veins with young blood now claims to be up and running in 5 cities across the US" by Erin Brodwin in Business Insider
5. "The Horsemen making a living on Lagos beach Nigeria" in BBC
6. "How Long Have Dogs Been Helping Us Hunt" by Matthew Taub in Atlas Obscura
7. "The Return of Dorothy's Iconic Ruby Slippers, Now Newly Preserved for the Ages" by Max Kutner in Smithsonian
8. "A Suspense Novelist's Trail of Deceptions" by Ian  Parker in The New Yorker
9. "The Fiends and the Folk Heroes of Grifter Season by Jia Tolentino in The New Yorker
10. "The First CubeSats Ever to Visit Mars Have Gone Silent" by Corey Haynes in Discover
11. "I thought I understood my trans body--then I tried VR" by A. E. Osworth in Quartz
12. "Why 536 was 'the worst year to be alive'" by Ann Gibbons in Science
13. "X-Rays Might be a Better Way to Communicate in Space" by Matt Williams in Universe Today
14. "When the eeriness of trauma can only be understood by Fiction" by Kate Hope Day in Lithub
15. "Anna Delvey and Elizabeth Holmes had the same tell: their hair" by Amanda Mull in The Outline
16. "The Titanic Was On Fire For Days Before It Sank" by Erik Brown in Medium
17. "The Moroccan Food Forest that Inspired an Agricultural Revolution" by Eric J. Wallace in Atlas Obscura
18. "Scientists: we kept pig brains alive 10 hours after deal. Bioethicists: Holy Shit." by Brian Resnick in Vox
19. "Blair Braverman on the Iditarod, Fear, and Resilience," by Blair Braverman in Outside
20. "A Grand Dame of the Perfume Industry Turns 95" by Rachel Syme in The New Yorker
21. "Just a Spoonful of Siouxsie" by Alison Fields in Longreads
22. "Looking Inside My Heart" by Jen Hyde in Longreads
23. "The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence" by Ezra Marcus and James D. Walsh in The Cut
24. "What Fullness is" by Roxanne Gay in Gay Magazine
25. "You Owe Me Awe: Culture, Class, and the New South in Thomas Harris's Red Dragon" by Michael Grasso in We Are the Mutants
26. "The Curious Cons of the Man Who Wouldn't Die" by Nathaniel Penn in GQ
27. "The Last of its Kind" by Ed Yong in The Atlantic
28. "What Happened to Skywriting?" by Adrienne LaFrance in The Atlantic
29. "How to Save a Loggerhead" by Justin Heckert in Gun and Garden
30. "NASA has worked out how to make food out of thin air— and it could feed billions" by Robby Berman in We Forum
31. "Whale Songs Are Getting Deeper"by Rebecca Giggs in The Atlantic
32. "Of Science, Fear, and Nuclear Regulation" by Mark Wolverton in Undark
33. "Why is everything Getting Louder" by Bianca Bosker in The Atlantic
34. "Raising the Dead" by Tim Zimmermann in Outside Online
35. "Vanishing Act" by Paul Collins in Lapham's Quarterly
36. "What it Means to Name a Forgotten Murder Victim" by Sarah Zhang in The Atlantic
37. "The Ghosts of War in a Wisconsin Forest" by Bryan Box in The New Republic

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